Albert Menéndez:
Today beauty has the biggest impact ever in our society. Back in the 30's beauty wasn't that important, nowadays it is one of the biggest market of the world. Beauty condicionales our lives in a way that we don't realize, everything we do is judged by beauty. It gives a status and social position, and for me is not the good way for our society. In the begging of the last century beauty was important, of course, but it wasn't as important than today. It's sad that people judge other people for they beauty. Of course this judgements are stablished by beauty cannons.

Jordi Batlle:
As we can see nowadays, the ideal of beauty has experimented a big changed through the 20th century. As far as I'm concerned, all of this changes have become because of the different perspectives people have had during this years: economy and society has never been the same. Of course, it also depends on the new tendencies that fashion industry creates or exposed. In fact, all of us always try not to be old-fashioned as we want to show our best and also to demonstrate that we're alert of the new tendencies. But all of these that it's already mentioned is superficial. For me, the authentic beauty is found in our soul. Even if we can be very handsome or beautiful, we can be very unpleasant. In addition to this, beauty won't last forever, so I think it's time to begin understanding that beauty isn't all we have. However, this doesn't really mean that everybody don't have to take care of their own bodies. We need to start focusing in what are we instead how do we like.

The ideal of beauty has definitely changed throughout the 20th century. From my point of view, I think that the changes are caused by us, considering that fashion industry depends on the consumers and the audience. This industry is the one which introduce the beauty standards which change through the years. For example, what was a beauty symbol back in the days is not what it is nowadays. The problem comes when we let ourselves be influenced by those stereotypes. It is kind of stupid because, from on hand, that type of beauty image could change so quick and, from the other hand, it is not eternal. So, is it really important to change the way we are just to fit in between the beauty icons, like the current supermodels?

The canons of beauty are always changing. What 70 years ago was "the perfect body", nowadays, it isn’t and without going further, what last year was the "ideal body" this year it isn’t. A model of the last century would starve this century; the canons of beauty are completely different!! But why this happens? It's pretty clear that we are very obsessed with our physical appearance and this leads us to live always looking the models that we should follow. When appears a model who is a little different from the others, people start to follow and imitate her, and for this, our idea of beauty is always changing, and in that way, we would never be happy with our self and this is very sad..
Even so, I think that all of us should be more independent, I mean, it's normal that the ideal of beauty of the moment influence us but we have to think that what is the top today, would be "the worst" tomorrow, so don't change yourself.

The ideal of beauty has changed a lot in these last 20 years, years ago a ideal of beauty had to have many curves and even a little weight, before the people. Before, people didn’t pay attention to the details and now the people criticize anything. Now a days the ideal of beauty is a model of victoria secret, for example a women of 1,80 and 60kg. The problem of the people is that pay attention to others and do not really look at what they have.

Throughout the 20th century the ideal of beauty had changed acording to the fashion and the art. But I think that the ideal of beauty don’t changed, it evolves. In this century the art tends to simplify and for that way, the ideal of beauty too. In the majority of high couture publicity campaings and in the fashion shows the models are very thins and tall. Very simplified than 50 years ago, for example. But I love this new ideal. We must not forget that this ideals are invented by us.

CARLA: The ideal of beauty have changed so much through the 20 century, it’s constantly changing. In the 60’s the ideal of beauty was the perfect body, a girl with curves like Marilyn Monroe while now is a thin body. We are always having as a reference a model and most of us tries be like her. That’s why the ideal of beauty change during the years, because every year or decade a different model is the reference of the ideal of beauty. The truth is that we must focus in ourselves and not try to be like a model because at the end of the day the model is the model and we are ourselves.

JOANA: The prototype of beauty has changed through last years. The prototype of beauty of now a days is not the same than the prototype of beauty the past. In the past, the women had curves in their bodies, and they were skinny. Now a days, women are worried with her bodies, a lot of people want to have a good body. But the most important is that you love yourself.

JUDIT: The ideal of beauty has changed a lot throughout the last years. A few years ago the ideal of beauty was a curvy woman, now, the ideal of beauty has changed. The curvy woman now isn’t beauty, now the ideal is a skinny body and a brawny body. Well, on the last seven years this had changed again, the ideal it’s starting to be like before, the curvy girls. My opinion about the topic of the ideal of beauty is that it is irrelevant because the most important thing is that you feel good with your body whatever it is.


The canons of beauty are always changing. Since the year 70 to nowadays has changed more , sometimes but, the ideal of beauty was the same that last years, there are because this are in continually change. When You see the ideal of beauty are probably that in this moment are changed a little bit
I think that the canons of beauty don’t exist, because beauty, the real beauty are in the inside to the person and not in the outside. I believe that people that think in perfect canon of beauty are hypocrisy. The beauty with years disappear and the personality normally don’t change

Alexandra Navarra:
The ideal of beauty has changed a lot through the 20th century. Beauty canons are not the same as they were 20 years ago. At the present time, what is called the perfect body is different for women and for men. If you are a women you have to be skinny like TV models. If you aren’t like this, you don’t have the perfect body. On the other side, if you are a men you have to be musculated and strong.
On the other hand, in Marilyn Monroe era, women who were not very skinny were seen like perfect. Those girls were curvy and not so skinny like nowadays. Also, they weren't so tall like at the present time.
In my opinion, women looked prettier before. Besides, beauty wasn't such an important think like now. Further, We judge people by their appearances. You have to love yourself no matter what people say.

Everything changes during the years and the concept of the ideal woman’s body has also changed. If we take a magazine from the 30s and compare it with a current magazine, we can see a great contrast between the ideal woman of that time and the current one. We can conclude by saying that how much our ideals have changed in just over a century.
In the web page HUFFPOST in the post that they made of "It’s Amazing How Much The ‘Perfect Body’ Has Changed In 100 Years" they explain that Rehabs worked with digital marketing agency Fractl on a project looking at the origins of Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements and how the bodies of ideal women have compared to national averages over time. They concluded their investigation by saying that the difference between models’ weights and the weight of the average American woman has grown from 8 percent in 1975 to over 23 percent today. Many brands and organizations began to promote the importance of being comfortable with one's own body and not be influenced by the sexualized images of women we see on television.

If we go back in time, we see that in just over 10 years the stereotype of a perfect woman is radically changing. For example between 1910 with Gibson Girl (characterized for being a woman with curves) and 1920 with Flappers ( characterized by hiding their waist and breasts but for that epoque with a very scandalous behavior because they were smoking in public and driving). If we compare the 1950's with our 21st century we can say that Marilyn Monroe (icon of the time) would be considered too heavy to meet with the thin models of Victoria's Secret that unfortunately many young girls struggle to be like them but end up suffering from chronic diseases such as bulimia or anorexia.

I think our society is very obsessed with the physical aspect for decades and it is necessary to correct it because it is not all about the physical aspect, although some people are related to others just because they are prettier. What we have to value is the person not the "wrapper". I still can not understand the obsession we have for pretending to be "handsome", beauty imposed by industries that do business with our own image.
If you are not accepted by a group of people for the simple fact that they do not accept your physical image, believe me they are doing you a favor by rejecting you because those people are not worth it. The friends who are value are those who accept you for the simple fact of how you are as a person, regardless of your gender, age, religion and even less your physical appearance.

Your physical appearance will change, you will grow old but your goodness will remain and is what is worth in a person. So the mos important thing is to believe in yourself, believe in who you are regardless of the beauty imposed.


People have changed, and the ideal of beauty too. I think it has changed duty to the amount of advertising that is made, for example, from anti-aging creams, medical centers that modify your body and make cosmetic operations, etc. Now the physicist is very important because of this already people want to operate and try to be more perfect.


The "ideal body" has canged in the past 100 years. In 1900-1910, the waist of women was thin. But it changes in the 1920s until the 1980s that womens didn't have a very thin body. In 1990s until the 2000s, the "ideal body" for women was the thinest possible. In nowadays the perfect body is like the 1990s and the 2000.

In our society the ideal body are very important because it's, it was and it will a guide about how much beautiful is the woman in each century. It's ridicul but that's right because a lot of women want be like famous girls, want wear like their, want live as their. It happens because so many people don't want be different, and the girls or women who appears in advertisement, in films, in series, are the ideal women and they have the ideal body. So all our life have existed the ideal body and it will be continue. I think that it isn't good for us because if someone hasn't the features to be similar as a famous girl, she can be uncomfortable with herself. This uncomfortable with herself can imply for example plastic surgery to be comfortable with herself. So I think that our society can change this mindset because it isn't good for us that some people can be uncomfortable because of her beauty.


Body image is a dynamic conept that can change throughout life and it is strongly related to the idea of beauty.
People tent to appraise the human body based on societies' beauty canon. Nowadays, beauty's stereotype corresponds to a young, thin and sensual body, related to personal, professional and social success. The growing interest for the human body is only focused on the physic aspect because of the value that beauty shop has in contemporary societies.

Francesc Aguer Bartra:
The ideal of beauty has changed a lot in only one hundred years. I think the word change it's not quite correct, in my opinion is better to say that beauty has evolved with the economic and social changes. Moda is no indipendent, not at all, is allways with the rest of social aspects, because thay feed each other.
The most sad thing is we are all contaminated with beauty canons. It's difficult to be critical with ourselve, because the industry instil us how have to be oure ideal of beauty.
Because of the new technologies people are more worried about their aspect.