The canons of beauty are always changing. What 70 years ago was "the perfect body", nowadays, it isn’t and without going further, what last year was the "ideal body" this year it isn’t. A model of the last century would starve this century; the canons of beauty are completely different!! But why this happens? It's pretty clear that we are very obsessed with our physical appearance and this leads us to live always looking the models that we should follow. When appears a model who is a little different from the others, people start to follow and imitate her, and for this, our idea of beauty is always changing, and in that way, we would never be happy with our self and this is very sad..
Even so, I think that all of us should be more independent, I mean, it's normal that the ideal of beauty of the moment influence us but we have to think that what is the top today, would be "the worst" tomorrow, so don't change yourself.

The idea of beauty has changed a lot and is also changing now. There isn’t any similarity between the opinion that can give us someone from the beginning of the century and the opinion from someone from the end of the century. To see how it has changed, we only have to compare how was the ideal women years ago and how is now. Now we probably calcified as a “fat” women that at the begging of the century was considered “with the perfect body”. And in the same way, someone from the beginning of the century will considerate as “poor” or “ill” a girl form our century.
Beauty has always been an objective to get. It means that everybody wants to be like the “model” that describes the beauty for each time. Your hair, the shape of your eyes, your nose, the ears or the cheeks is only a little part of the things that can make you like the beauty model or not.
I think that try to become the ideal of beauty is not accept the fact hat everybody is different and it is what really make us beauty. When we try to look like a model we are trying to look everybody in the same way.

In my opinion it’s true that the ideal of beauty has changed this 100 last years. But I don’t know why. The beauty girls of this last 10 years are very skinny and tall, but the majority of the normal men prefer curvy girls, not a stick. So, why the beauty ideal changed? I don’t know, maybe the judges are blind, or are weird men. And, if in this 100 last years the ideal women beauty is to be skinny, how be in the next 100 years?Thanks of the women that fight for change this, and every time there is more women with 100 years sizes ago than stick women.

Ophelie G.

Ideal beauty changed among the years in a millions of ways. Some years ago, a beautiful woman was who had white skin and who was fat, because represent rich people, so the ones who could eat as much as they wanted and didn’t work outside, when the sun was shining.
In contrast, in this day and age, it is completely the opposite; a beautiful woman is thin and dark skin. What a surprise, don’t you think so! That is why I think the rules of beauty are wrong. A pretty woman is who makes visible her intern beauty, giving to anyone the possibility to understand her personality just looking her aspect. All without consider the passing of time.

Mar Oliva:
We are all aware that the ideal of beauty is constantly changing throughout the years, and I think that’s normal. As well as the fashion changes, the ideal bodies do too. During the 20th century, the ideal of women body has gone from a curvy body to a more skinny one, passing through bodies with small breasts, with white skin, with long legs and athletic bodies, between others. And I don’t think this is bad: it is only an ideal of beauty, but it doesn’t force anyone to be like that. Or that’s how it should be.
I think it’s important for every woman, and also men, to be aware of the type of body they have, and to accept it as it is. If you don’t like something about your body, maybe you can change it doing exercise and sport, but it’s not always this way. That’s why everyone should accept their body, and accept also that the ideal of beauty it’s not something that has to be imposed, it’s just something that it’s fashionable at the moment, and that it will change in some years time. And as it constantly changes, it doesn’t mean that when the ideal of beauty is a skinny body, a girl who is curvy won’t be considered beautiful. Beauty is very subjective and it depends on the eyes of each person.

In spite of that, I know it’s difficult to make women aware that ideals of beauty are just a trend, so I think it’s good that some brands are trying to show different bodies as a beauty ideal, because it’s something that can make women appreciate more themselves.

The standards of beauty change very quickly. But, a person can undergo many transformations in one century?
Yes they can. For exemple, the "perfect" woman of 1930 is not considered beautiful nowadays. For example in
the 1920s, flappers, do not mark much their curves. Instead, in the 1930s, thanks to Mae West, they marked the
waist and hips.
In conclusion, the canons of beauty have changed in only one decade. So we can deduce that the ideal of beauty
has changed until nowadays.

Chaymae Salama

The idea of beauty since approximately 100 years ago has changed a lot respected today, since at that time, the perfect body was to be fat and white skin, this had demonstrated to be high class person and didn't work as slaves or as farmers who spend day in the sun.

Today, it's the opposite, the beauty is being dark-skinned, high and thin.
In my opinion I think that although the idea of beauty changes, the people would not have to change his beauty, because you should feel good about yourself.
I also believe that although the current beauty is to be tall, thin and dark skin, it wouldn't means that if you do not have these characteristics you wouldn't be a beautiful person.

It's amazing how much the 'Perfect Body' has changed in 100 Years, and how much is changing nowadays.
The feminine beauty ideal is "the socially constructed notion that physical attractiveness is one of women's most important assets, and something all women should strive to achieve and maintain". Beauty ideals vary from culture to culture and change among the time too.
These ideals have been related with depression, eating disorders, and low self-esteem, starting from an adolescent age and continuing into adulthood.
As I was saying, our idea of beauty is always changing so we have to think that what is the top today would be "the worst" tomorrow. For this reason, we haven't to change ourselves despite the ideals of beauty influence on us.

Judith Carpio
Nowadays all women or men try to follow the canon of beauty that society established and most of us do the possible for be as models or actress. However, this canon had changed because the styles and mentality are modified with time. So, for this reason in 100 years the ideal of beauty had changed a lot as a consequence of evolution, the development of the situation of the women and the way of treat them and see them in society makes change the ideal beauty. It is constantly changing, so in any moment the ideal beauty can be modified, because our mentality is changing and as a result we modify the canon of beauty.

Natalia Palma

Nowadays, all of us want to look handsome and we want that people think we are handsome. We try to go trendy, have the most beautiful clothes and people like our outfit. We are always looking for the approval of the people around us, but I think it's best to approve yourself, to feel good with yourself because all the beauty ideals change constantly and when you are in a one canon of beauty, that will not be fashionable and you will have to change again, so enjoy your body and how you are, because there is only one life and many people would like had the body you have.


Is beauty subjective or objective? Of course, physical beauty is subjective. In any case this is my point of view. Everything linked to fashion and trend change constantly. That’s a fact. As the article says about the “perfect body” it happened with high heeled shoes, a fashion accessory.
As heels passed from manly tendency to sexy and might change again, the “perfect body” changes too and will never stop changing too.
The reasons of this ceaseless changing it’s based on the continual changing point of view of beauty. A subjective beauty that keeps changing as time passes.
Beauty is constantly changing and some of those please people. That’s why they remain until another slight changing arrives and capture the people attention.


Beauty change as the history change, every time has his prototype of beauty, ancient Greeks has the prototype of fibrate women, during the 20th century, the ideal of women was a curvy body and nowadays the prototype is a fit and skin women. But what that can happens, who describes the prototype? Why the women can be influenced by that? I think it’s because the publicity, the TV and the social networks, all the girls that are famous have a ‘’perfect body’’ sometimes if you don’t have that body you can’t success.
My conclusion is that we don’t have to accept that, we have to say yes to our body and love it, because maybe when we have had our age perfect body that can change, and became another.