Look at this infographic. What is your opinion? Is it similar in our country?
How Americans Really View Aging
by CouponCabin.
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what do you think?

Paula Valls:
Nowadays the plastic surgery is introduced in all the developed countries,because more and more people want to feel young and get a good image for more time, and it's a risk aesthetic operation. I think that this surgery must only be used for patients who had had an accident or had deformities, because it's a very expensive surgery and a dangerous surgery, that we only should be used to improve our health and not to modify our body, we must feel beautiful or handsome as we are.


In my point of view people, mostly women, are influenced by the society to take care about their physically appearences and that’s not bad at all. All single human must do it but there is a limit, we expect being perfect all our life and the plastic surgery acts here, when there is someone who desires looking younger, they (plastic surgery industry) present a way to reach it by operations. Most people who subjected to that process is because of the complexes society has created theirselves and thet’s the critic point.I totally agree when those operations uses to change the life of somebody who had suffer an accident and had became different physically.
Enric Navarra
This infographic I think it's depending on each person and his way of thinking. I know it's a study but nowadays we also consider the physical more important than know the person you can be both more attractive.
Not only are the man who we look only on the physical if not that girls too.
I agree that womens feel bigger, although plastic surgery can worsen it. Any operation brings you more harm than good.
In addition the operations would be unnecessary because the beauty is inside and even though we are old we will always be someone who like our shortcomings.
To sum up, the age is a number!!

To be honest I think that being or feeling young, it’s not a matter of appearance but a matter of way of thinking. I mean, when someone overthink about the age makes his or herself stress out and wants to find out some solutions, and that it’s the real problem. For example, when I see one woman with a plastic surgery I think that see is older than she really is, because I see her more artificial. In my point of view the real secret of feel forever young is being natural, accept your age and go on, because it’s a way of thinking, not a way of your appearance. Like Meryl Streep.

Natalia Palma Guerrero
Everybody take care of our physical and the impression that we cause to people when they see us, we don't want to grow older, nor do we want to get older or our hairs turn white, but what is more beautiful than old age? To see that we are alive, that we are advancing in life and that the efforts we have made are marked in us, what is more beautiful than that? Well, it's true that for many people to grow up and see us old is something bad, but at the end of everything, at the end of our lives, we end up with someone who complete us with their attitude and makes us feel good, we do not marry with a very beautiful person and have a good body, but that does not make you feel good, or does not stay in the good and bad moments. I believe that every year that passes we are more beautiful, and that the only thing that changes is the date not us, we are still children, we still want to eat pasta with tomato, and above all we want the love of our parents and that they hug us when we go to sleep.

We use to talk about the beauty of appearance and the beauty of the soul.
Everybody should ask its self if there is one more relevant between those two. And if there are only two beauty conceptions.
For my part, the one is forever is the real beauty. Saying this I’m sure that the first thought will be that the eternal beauty is the deep inside.
Just imagine that we could be forever young. There we have a conflict. If either our personality or our appearance will remain the same forever which one is the real beauty?
Just with this case we see that this topic is relative. And we just need to compare different civilizations to see that beauty can have been ascribed distinctive point of view.
In Africa Adamne means “beautiful girl” and Odara means “beautiful woman”; a girl changes growing up and becomes a woman, but both as the girl as the woman are a kind of beauty. There are different beauties.
In Arabi Damali means “beautiful vision”; beauty is a question of parallax. Depending on the position of the observer, an observed object looks different. That means depending on the person, things looks more or less beautiful.
In Chinese Jia Li means “good and beautiful”; they are the only ones to assemble the two-beautiful aspects that we talked about at first. Good is the deep beauty and beautiful is more superficial.
They also say Xin Qian that means “happy and beautiful”; for Chinese people a Happy person is a beautiful person. And a happy person is the one that is in peace with his own self.
Those different meanings of beauty, including the American, are just few of boundless others.