Look at this infographic. What is your opinion? Is it similar in our country?
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what do you think?

JOANA:The majority of people are afraid of getting older, because will get wrinkles in their face, and will become unflattering. And when you are older, you don’t do the same things when you are younger.
A lot of people are doing plastic surgery to no grow old, and be beatiful all the life.
JUDIT: The most of the people are scared to have crease and getting older and ugly. Is because this reason people get botox or plastic surgery, to get more beauty and stay young. There is a thought that older people are uglier, for example, in the TV the most commercials are about beauty and similars things, this is related to the topic of ideal of beauty.


Currently, most people follow the trend on the 5 best plastic surgery procedures expensive because they feel bad about themselves,for the opinions of people, for they want to be more beautiful or they want to look younger.

First of all, I do not agree with the injections and the plastic surgery because you modify the appearance that you have grown with it and this is immoral considering that you change your appearance that God has given you.

In my country, Marroco, this trend is forbidden in my religion, Islam because it is considered as I said before against morality.

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