"How sad it is! I shall grow old, and horrible, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June... If it were only the other way! If it were I who was to be always young, and the picture that was to grow old! For that-for that-I would give everything! Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give! I would give my soul for that!"
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray Ch. 2

What is the price of Dorian Gray's Faustian Bargain?

Dorian would sacrifice anything in exchange for limitless youth and because of that, the poor boy had to deal with the consequences. First of all, his life went from bad to worst. As the novel advanced, we saw how he got corrupted deeper and deeper. Killing a girl and feeling no regrets, stabbing one of his best friends in the back, getting outcasted by the village people because they thought he worshiped satan, etc... He lived a miserable and guilty life, until the day he stabbed the portrait, who had his soul, and because of that, he died, recovering his real age body, while his portrait got new as day one.

Dorian’s wish to achieve perpetual beauty brought him to desire to lose everything he had if that meant he would remain superficially perfect forever. Yet he did not know that the soul was the representation of his inner beauty, which he was taken away once his wish was granted. Without it, his identity deteriorated while his appearance endured changeless throughout the time he carried out dreadful acts; hence destroying the mirror-like connection between his soul and body. He became shady, unethical and nefarious, corrupting the ones surrounding in an even darker way that Lord Henry Wotton did to him.

When Donian met Lord Henry he realised the importance of beauty and related to that there is the importance of youth, too. Lord Henry told him he was handsome but by passing time he would get old;wrikles would appear in his face, his golden hair would turn white or gray and it would fall…
At that point Dorian thought about the portrait and he made a wish: he would do anything to remain forever young but the picture get old for him. The handsome man confirms he would do all things he could to make that wish come true, even gave his soul...

These are the words Dorian Gray says to give his soul to the portrait and to live forever young. As he says, he is capable to give everything to remain young, so the portrait takes his soul to give him the youth’s beauty.

Of course, Dorian sees the power and the boost of those words, which make him corrupt everyone who is around him. This is why he breaks the portrait and dies.
This paragraph tells us to value ourself considering only our own beauty, not our personality or our brain. And of course beauty is a very important factor of our society, but not the most important one. Frankly, the society is moved by money. I am not telling this is better or worst but is the reality.

I think we cannot see this fact in the book because Dorian was rich, so he has all he wants and doesn’t emphasize in that. I think if Dorian was a poor man, he wouldn’t cared about beauty.
Darío Sánchez:
It’s funny cuz Dorian’s wish comes true, and his dream became her worst nightmare. He said that he would sacrifice all that he had, and indeed he did it, he lost all he had and more. I don't think that his curse is from the fact that he is forever young (insert here the music), but for break the life cycle, so God punished him. But you know, God is a good person (ba dum tss), so there should be Beel. Dorian he didn't only gave his soul to Beel, he also gave his luck and his fate, making the last one, a hell.

Guillem Palomeras

Dorian is a man who is in love with his only beauty. He doesn't bear the comments of the other people refering to his youth and beuaty, he becomes mad with his youth.
To be obsssed with his beauty he damages the life of the people who loves him and his own life. Because of his fault her love Sibyl Vane commited suicide drinking a poison that moved away from her Prince Charming.
But this is not the only life that he smashed, his friend Basil, the painter who designed his self-portrait, who described his own youth, he died stabbed by Dorian, who in an act of rage he hammered a knife in his neck, and finally he was sorry for his mad soul that he lead to cause that facts.

There are a lot of persons that her or his beauty and youth are their principal objective to get happiness. The perfect exemple is Dorian Gray. He can give every thing to achieve these two attributes. He arrived the extreme to give his own soul to achieve and keep his beauty and youth. He would remain superficially perfect forever.
On the one hand I think that beauty and youth are important. But on the other hand, I believe that the most important aspect in a person is his or her inside.

Ophélie G.

In The Picture of Dorian, the main character, Dorian wish to remain always young, specificly, he hopes to be physically beautyful forever. This brought him to become corrupted and to loose any friend he could have.
Considerating this facts, I just realised, that I agree with Jere, the soul is the representation of the pure beauty. The human soul shows the real beauty of a person, meaning that we, most of the time, go closer to kind people, but not handsome at all; than to any superficial and beauty person. That is why appearance can be deceptive; beauty soul needs more time to be discovered than the atractive but “empty” body.

Maria Baguer,

With the portrait, Dorian discovers he will be ugly caused by the time, because with the time, you become old, and if you’re old you won’t have beauty. And that He would give his soul for has an eternal youth.
I was shocked when I read this paragraph, because I love growing. Growing it’s wisdom, also it’s happiness, it’s time and time it’s life. I’m convinced Dorian was terrified with the idea of growing because he was afraid of wrinkles, and death, and especially that He was afraid about losing his beauty for fear to grow. I would never give my soul for something like that.

Anass Maazizi.

Dorian Gray had to pay a big price for changing his soul with the portrait. At first he was a kind, lovely and a beautiful person with ethics but when his wish came true he started being worst. We can see that when he disrespected Sibyl Vane after her death, he thought he was right and he didn’t feel bad after all.

Maybe this way of acting is influenced by his friend Lord Henry but the main character became extremely cold with no heart. He also corrupted the people he had around and killed Basil in a very cruel way. I think this shows us the danger of not being yourself and the fatal consequences of touching the vital cycle of life.

In conclusion Dorian Gray is an example of someone with no illusion in life because at the end he hated his beauty and killed himself so I see in all this a moral of a fable, being forever young is not good.

Guillem Segura

Dorian Gray was a beautiful young man that only lives for his beauty. When Basil finished his portait, Dorian saw how beautiful he was and he said that he won’t became old. So he gived his soul for stay young for his entire life. After this he statred to be corrupt, he killed a girl and one of his best friends and he didn’t feel anything about it. He became crazy and finally stabbed a knife in his portait, at the same time, killing his own soul. After this, he turned old and ugly and finally died.
In my opinion he never love his life, he was “blind” who only live for be beauty and young.

Chaymae Salama

Firstly Dorian Gray says this sentences because he wanted to stay young, beautiful and perfect forever. For this reason he decided to sacrifice himself so that he had delivered his soul in exchange for his youth.
The life of him was getting worse, until finally he had to break the portrait Basil painted.
So to sump up, for me, this decision have an advantage because he becomes handsome and kept young nut also has an inconvenient since his youth has changed must deliver his soul.

At the beginning of the story, Dorian was very worried about him being forever handsome and young. Dorian would sacrifice anything in exchange for limitless youth.
As the novel advances and Dorian relizes his wish has become true, his personality deteriorates while his appearance remained identical. The price that Dorian pays is that all the people hate him, including his friends and family. His wish which he desired so much turned into a malediction. The sins he made were innumerable and he found that the only way to release his soul was to destroy his portrait, the cause of all his problems.

Marshall Foca

Dorian, complaining about growing old and loose his youth, so he sells his soul in exchange for unlimited youth, but this brings bad consequences: his life starts to become worst than it was befor, he makes his love to suicide, he looses all his friends except Lord Henry,he also murders his best friend and probabily his old lover, Basil, and at the end he is expelled from Londres.
At the end, when he is fed up with all the evil he has done, he stabs the portrait, as he thinks it is the responsible of everthing he has been through, but he ends stabbed as the portrait is just a reflection of his soul.


No matter if Dorian sells his soul or not, I think that the most important in this passage is the message that we can see. Oscar Wilde’s novel gives us an idea of two different types of beauty. There’s the one that is superficial and ephemeral; the physical one. And there’s the deep beauty that is inside of everybody.
If I can afford, I would say that Oscar Wilde was wrong. There are not two types of beauty. I think there’s more than two. There is just as many view point of beauty as there are people in the world.
I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is a matter of perspective. Everybody has a different idea of beauty. Ideas that have been often influenced by society. That’s why they used to change. And not only the canon of outside’s beauty use to change inside too.

Dorian Gray could give anything to be forever young, he think that without beauty he is nothing, he could his soul to be forever beauty.
The soul is the most internal thing that can guide our way of think and do our feelings are our essence. So the price that Dorian Gray’s have to pay is not have feeling, be an ice person, and that it’s the most dangerous think that can happened to someone, because then you don’t have a right way to be and to do.
The bad thing is that I think that nowadays it’s happening more or less the same there are too many people that can do anything to be forever young and pay a lot of money for that. I think that the best think that we can do it’s accept the years and waste the money in things that at final of our life we can be proud of that, you never will know how an aesthetic surgery can be.