"How sad it is! I shall grow old, and horrible, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June... If it were only the other way! If it were I who was to be always young, and the picture that was to grow old! For that-for that-I would give everything! Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give! I would give my soul for that!"

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray Ch. 2
What is the price of Dorian Gray's Faustian Bargain?
Albert Menéndez:
This sentence is showing us a topic that we still have nowadays, the continuous worry from people to stay young. For me is not that important, but for Dorian it is very important. He is saying that he will give his soul to remain forever young. Is at his point of the story that everything starts to turn into a terrific way, Dorian starts being harmless and doesn't feel any kind of emotions . This heartless personality makes him kill his friend and finally ends with his own live. For me it's sad, that the desire for youth can destroy someone's life like that.

Dorian would sacrifice anything in exchange for limitless youth and because of that, the poor boy had to deal with the consequences. First of all, his life went from bad to worst. As the novel advanced, we saw how he got corrupted deeper and deeper. Killing a girl and feeling no regrets, stabbing one of his best friends in the back, getting outcasted by the village people because they thought he worshiped satan, etc... He lived a miserable and guilty life, until the day he stabbed the portrait, who had his soul, and because of that, he died, recovering his real age body, while his portrait got new as day one.

Dorian’s wish to achieve perpetual beauty brought him to desire to lose everything he had if that meant he would remain superficially perfect forever. Yet he did not know that the soul was the representation of his inner beauty, which he was taken away once his wish was granted. Without it, his identity deteriorated while his appearance endured changeless throughout the time he carried out dreadful acts; hence destroying the mirror-like connection between his soul and body. He became shady, unethical and nefarious, corrupting the ones surrounding in an even darker way that Lord Henry Wotton did to him.


When Dorian sees the picture and realises he will grow old and the picture won’t, he immediately wishes it were the other way. He is willing to give everything for this and there is nothing he wouldn’t sacrifice. This is bad because he is not accepting the reality of time and the fact that we change with the years. We can’t change the fact that we get old and our appearance changes, he should have embraced that and not sell his soul for eternal youth.


That topic is trying to show us how people are crazy for being young and pretty. In this case, Dorian Gray is able to sacrifice all that he have in his entire life, for an eternity of superficial beauty and youth. First of all, he experiments a feeling of hate about that beautiful portrait of himself, and it is because it will always be perfect, as long as he is growing old and awful.
That wish has a very bad result, so the portrait take his soul and he won’t grow up anymore, except for that the portrait will exhibit all his terrible actions. He was a beautiful boy, but he lived a miserable life and he realise that he won’t be happy even being superficially perfect.

Alexandra Navarra:
On Oscar Wilde’s book you can see a clear topic: beauty. The main character wants to stay forever young. Besides, he will pay a very high price to stay forever like this (“For that-for that-I would give everything!”). The portrait will grow old for him and he will stay young an beautiful forever.
Unfortunately, his wish had a very bad result: the portrait was growing old for him and he was staying young forever. However, he was a beautiful but miserable boy.

JUDIT: I disagree because I think that people grows old and it’s the life cycle. Dorian doesn’t want to be old so he wishes that the portrait will grow old in his place and he will stay forever young and beautiful. Because of this Dorian becomes crazy.

CARLA: When Dorian see his portrait and realises that he would become old and ugly while the picture not. He wants to stay always young.
That’s so bad, he is not accepting the reality and at the end Borian becomes a miserable boy and he kill himself

With this sentence we can see, for Dorian Gray, that the beauty and the youth are the only things important in his life. And that are only material things, a passing thing, beacuse that will not last forever. With this desire, Dorian Gray is expressing his superficiality. He prefers to destroy his life maintaining only a frivolous thing that not provide any quality to him. A body who has lived has with it the trails of the age, and is more valuable than other body.

Irina: In this sentence Dorian says he don’t wants to be old and horrible, he wants to be like his portrait, always young. He will give anything to be Young forever, so he needs to kill, have bad reputation for all his Friends, and do bad things.
This topic is about doing anything for being forever young, being pretty and for example Dorian Gray’s case but I disagree with this because I think if we are forever young we will not appreciate every minute of our life, every little moment that will be not repeated.

Pau A. : Dorian's desire of remaining young forever is reflected in this fragment of the novel. He's directly saying that he loves his appearance and that he's very afraid of aging. The situation is that the portrait will show his beauty, so whoever stares at his picture will see how beautiful he was in a singular day. However, unlike the portrait, he will end up growing old and in the end he will die from old age. For some people, that's a major concern, and there are some young people who say that they would absolutely give anything if they are gifted with eternal youth. And that's the case of Mr. Dorian Gray, who believes that his beauty must remain perfect forever and that there's nothing in the world more important than remaining young and handsome, despite everything that implies.
Aleix F. : In this sentence we can look how Dorian, who never had thought about his beauty, see how beautiful is him. When he thinks about how ugly will become, Dorian start to think how be always beauty, praying and giving his soul as the payment. That happens just when Dorian have talked with Henry, who have the bad habit of influence negatively on other people. He getts his objective and turns forever young, while the portrait grows old, but it not only grow old, it reflect Dorian's heart, showing his evil growing too. The portrait have stole Dorian feelings with him capacity of aging.
Yousra: When Dorian Gray realizes that over the years he will lose his beautiful and perfect face and that the portrait will remain young and perfect, being a great hatred for the portrait. He is willing to do whatever is necessary so that this does not happen. In the end his desire is fulfilled and he regrets it for that we must take into account what we want because sometimes they are fulfilled. This fragment of the book shows how there are people who would give whatever it was to remain with their faces but the reality is that we will all lose their face and what really remains is our soul.
Pau B. : At that point of the story, Dorian saw his portrait for the first time. He immediately noticed the beauty of it, as well as its perfection. That made him feel bad, as the picture would maintain its beauty forever, but he would grow old. At that moment Mr. Gray shows his fury by saying that he would give it all to remain like the portrait. Specifically, he said that he would give his soul, and by the art of magic that was what happened. From that moment on, Dorian's body would remain immaculate and young, but his soul was gone. That made him extremely selfish and bad. From being a gentleman to stealing, drug dealing and even killing. The worse of it all is that the picture changed matching what Dorian's soul would be like at that moment if he had some, so he could feel the pain anyway, by watching that piece of the greatest art.
Fatine: Dorian would give everything to remain young and handsome like Basil's portrait, what he didn't know were the consequences that would cause that wish: instead of growing old, the portrait would do it for him. At the beginning he was enthusiastic about the idea, but as time passed he begins to regret. Dorian became an awful person, without any kind of values or empathy, he even reaches the point of murdering his friend Basil. At the end he stabbed the portrait with a knife and died. I think growing old, it's a common fear, but it's a fact that we can't change, and for that reason we have to enjoy our youth while we can.
Xana: This moment of the story show how Dorian see the portait for the very first time, he quickly realizes of his beauty.
This fact makes him feel bad, as he will grow older while the portrait will continue to be forever young. At this point Dorian makes a wish, that he remains forever young in exchange for his soul, from that moment on this desire becomes a reality. Dorian become an egoist who is willing to kill if its necessary. His portrait contains the shape of his soul, while his body remains forever young the portrait shows how his soul becomes darker. In the end he ends up regretting and stabbing the portrait and dies, since the portrait and him are connected. I think people ave fear to grow old, but is a fact that cannot be changed, that is why we have to live our lives to the fullest.

Oriol: This topic it's so frequent today, and affects Dorian. For this thing Dorian say that he can give his soul for an eternal youth. In that moment, when he said that his life change to worse, because only the picture grew old. After that, Dorian carry a very horrible life, he becomes a solitary person and he gets a lot of problems for his new friends. In my opinion that thing it's horrible, get to this point just for wanting an eternal youth for me that's not a good idea.