Watch the opening scene in nip/tuck chapter 1.

Sean McNamara, the doctor, says: TELL ME WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF.

What is the intention/effect of this opening statement?
What is your reaction to this?

I think that the only thing that this statement causes is insecurity. The doctor plays with his client self esteem to get benefits. I think that this is unclean and morally incorrect. He shouldn't act like this because what he is doing is just implanting his opinion into the other person. This leads the other person to follow his instructions without being conscious that him or her is manipulated. It's a pity that it works like this nowadays, but everything is a bussiness and the one who survives is the one who lies the most.
Well I have to say that I'm against aesthetic surgery, I think it just has to be reconstructive. The problem it has (for me) is that it's only a way of lying yourself, but you finally see what you have done and you regret, but you can't make the things come back to what they were.
So when this things are done you should think before, for a long time and act only if it's necessary, in case it isn't, you'll regret in the most cases.