Watch the opening scene in nip/tuck chapter 1. Sean McNamara, the doctor, says: TELL ME WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF. Discuss What is the intention/effect of this opening statement? What is your reaction to this?

Pau: I think that the only thing that this statement causes is insecurity. The doctor plays with his client self esteem to get benefits. I think that this is unclean and morally incorrect. He shouldn't act like this because what he is doing is just implanting his opinion into the other person. This leads the other person to follow his instructions without being conscious that him or her is manipulated. It's a pity that it works like this nowadays, but everything is a bussiness and the one who survives is the one who lies the most. Well I have to say that I'm against aesthetic surgery, I think it just has to be reconstructive. The problem it has (for me) is that it's only a way of lying yourself, but you finally see what you have done and you regret, but you can't make the things come back to what they were. So when this things are done you should think before, for a long time and act only if it's necessary, in case it isn't, you'll regret in the most cases.

Toni: The efect that Dr. McNamara want is create tension on his patients for generate more problems on theyselves and make more money. If he said that sentence he get that the patient want’s more operations for change more parts about theyselves. I think that this is a good strategy for do money. Economically I don’t see it badly but morally generate insecurity in the people. If I was a doctor too I think that I will do the same.

Mariana:This can’t be a question you ask on a plastic surgery consultory. Even if there is nothing you dislike about yourself this question can bring doubts. It presumes it is normal to not love one self and wanting to change big things about one’s apperance. Maybe the question should be “what is the thing you like about yourself the most” and continue asking why it is. Maybe if it weren’t this normal to dislike such big things about ourselves plastic surgery wouln’t be this big of a business.


There are many ways to explain this topic but the in this case I’m going to talk about the self-esteem. In this case the doctor wants to transmit doubt in myself physique playing with the self-esteem. It’s wrong that someone influence in our body decisions and the consequences may be the repentance of our actions.

My reaction about this is negative, I don’t like when people influence about the physical things and put pressure to decide something.

Souli:People thinks that these professionals try to help people who not like their body or they find something bad. I personally think that these professionals make people look at the mirror and do not like their bodies. Our bodies are like that, and these people who practice these jobs make us decrease our self-esteem and insecurity. In all the companies the main objective is to obtain benefits, but in this they are obtained from the insecurity of the people.

Bruna: In my opinion, the doctor wants to take advantage of the insecurities of his patients. Maybe the patient may not have any defect, but we all feel insecure with something about our body, the nose, the lips, the breast…, and in these last years we can get rid of all of them. And I think if you can if you can afford it, why not do it? Why people judge other people just because you want to change something you do not like about your body? Everyone has the right to do what they want with their body.
Lluc: in my opinion, 'What don't you like about yourself' is not a question that a profesional plastic surgery can't ask to somebody. Not everyone likes his body, but if you have insecurities and you think that plastic surgery is your solution, yo can talk with a professional. First of all, professionals has to try to convice you that plastic surgery is the last option, you can get a 'better' body using natural methods. If you are decided to operate yourself, professional has to work on it. This would be the process, but the reality is that the doctors only want the money, and they don't think with his patients situation. They try to put the idea that your body is ugly in your mind to get your money.

Lily: I totally disagree with this “opening statement”. I think it only gives us time to think about what we hate about ourselves, and give us an excuse to think that we actually have to hate a part of us. This statement only arise our internal insecurity. Of course we have a lot of imperfections, but of course that anyone can be perfect, even if you are really handsome. We are always have imperfections, because we are. But the perfection is born of loving and accept yourself, just in the way you are.

ARIADNA:When somebody asks me this in my mind come a lot of things. Probably if a doctor asks this my reaction are chocked in myself but maybe I want changed something. Althought my first thoughts are that Why I have to changed some thing if I are ok with myself. But obiously the intention to the statment are have more operations and more money without import nothing

Isàlia In my opinion, with this opening statement, the doctor is pressuposing that everyone has defects, but only connected with the body, that is, the outer beauty. This statements pushes us to think about all of our imperfections, and, in addition, that makes to reduce the self-esteem. We live in a society where the fisical appearence is more important than the other virtues which characterize the people. I’m sure that nobody feels good with their body and questions like that are only improving this unpleasant emotion
MarcI think that the doctor finds defects to everyone, it's true that everyone has flaws but what he want is get an earning. The doctor finds more and more effects to people who he meet. He finds deffects to increase his money, so he prefer to make feel persons, disgruntled with themself to earn money. We have imperfections because it is part of our life. I think that anyone isn't who to say you your imperfeccions. It's different if you want know an opinion or you want change and you go to the surgery to change and be better. So I think that people should be comfortable with themself because we are different and everyone of us have our deffects and our virtues.
Pau A. : From my point of view, with this question the doctor forces his patient to recognize his defects, what does he/she feel embarrased for because of his/her body, and it stablishes a hierarchy in which the doctor is the one who has the power to change one's defects, asking only money in exchange and how the patient is the weak person who needs to assist to a clinic because of his/her insecurities. However it is also a great way of intrucing the doctor to the patient, asking to him/her what is his/her motive to visit such a specialist doctor. As far as I'm concerned, no one has any right to decide about your body, so if you feel uncomfortable with what you have, I think you have two main options: the first one is trying to change it. For instants if you have extra weight, you can start eating healthier or doing sport with the goal of losing it. The second option is even more difficult. If you feel uncomfortable with something that can barely be changed with sport or diet, you can just accept the way you are. In my case, I'd feel much worse with a nose that I know for sure that isn't mine rather than just accepting that that's the way I was born.
Aleix F. : Dr. Sean does it because he want to make that his patients feel embarrassed, make them feel bad. He makes that because in that way he can help them to change until they feel good with themselves. Sean wants to think like his patient for help him, the people that does plastic surgery usually haven't a strong mind, because they use the easy road, in case of do some diet or sport. I know there are some cases that there are only the plastic surgeon way, I'm talking about superficial problems, like overweight and similar. I think that it's a good way to start a conversation between a plastic surgeon and his patient.
In my opinion, he makes this question knowing that everyone has something or more than one thing that we don't like about ourselves, and he wants to know that thing to earn money because at the end plastic surgery is a business. I don't criticize the fact of having a plastic surgery, everybody is free of doing whatever they want on their bodies. The problems came when Sean's partner uses immoral ways to convince, in this case a woman, to go into a plastic surgery to be more ''perfect''. Nobody is perfect, and those imperfections are what makes each person unique and different. Another problem about plastic surgery is the idealization of a perfect body or face that make some people go into a surgery for entering in the beauty standards. If you want to do a plastic surgery, you have to do it only for satisfying yourself.

I disagre with this opening statement, since it creates insecurities with our body. Everyone has some part of his body that he don't like, and ask that person that just make him feel worse about himself. I think to this industry they only care about the money they get, without being aware that it can do a lot of damage with their words. I think that if a person comes to ask to operate, the first thing they should do is tell him that operating is the last option. Many people who ask to operate have problems that can be solved with natural methods. At the end of the day everyone has their imperfections, that is what differentiates us from each other.