Christian: What is it that we’re doing, Sean, other than make people feel good about themselves?

Sean: What we do is let people externalize the hatred they feel about themselves. Which is why I want to hire a full time psychologist to screen people better.

Christian: Oh great. And lets do yoga in the lobby, too.

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Michel Paris:

This dialogue reflects their disagreement regarding to the effect they cause to people by operating them. Christian thinks that they're just helping people, making them look like they want to, basically changing people's body so they can feel comfortable with themselves. But we all know that he is convinced of that, although he wants to be convinced because surgery is his source of income. Whereas his partner, Sean, thinks that they are externalizing the hatred of the people towards their imperfections. In addition, Sean wants to hire am psychologist so people would feel sure about the operations and if they're feeling okay. Finally, Christian says in a ironic way that they're not going to hire anyone, mainly because if they do that it may decrease their incomes.

Luis Ramírez:

This dialogue shows us the conflictive feelings about plastic surgery between the two friends. Sean represents a good doctor, someone who cares further than surgery effects, he think about his patients and try to make a change and do things better, on the other hand we find Christian, the surgeon that only search for his own benefits, especially, in making money, so he’s not going to hire a psychologist nor making any change in the way he act.


The dialogue shows the differents points of view between Christian and Sean about plastic surgery. One of them, Christian, thinks that their job it’s helpful as make people feel comfortable with their body. Nevertheless, Sean thinks that what they do is to let people externalize the hatred they feel about themselves.

In my opinion I agree with Sean. I think that the plastic surgery is not the solution of your insecurities, it’s just a way to mask them instead of face them. In addition I think is an unnatural think, and i would never be comfortable with a my body changed because of plastic surgery.

So in conclusion I agree with Sean and i think people should be really conscious of what they are doing when they decide to do a plastic surgery.

As we have seen in class, the serie is based on the different opinion between two plastic surgery doctors; one of them is too relaxed accepting stolen money and operating people who don't need it but the other one worries about his patients, doesn't want to earn money from thieves or pederasts...
The dialogue shows those differences between the two friends. While one of them thinks they are turning better the life of their patients the other says they only externalize the harded they feel about themselves.


We saw this dialogue in the English class last day. It shows two different opinions about plastic surgery. Christian agrees on this kind of surgery because he thinks that he is helping people. But Seen disagrees with that because he thinks that this makes visible the parts of the body that this people hate about their self.

I agree with Sean, because I think that make a plastic surgery to yourself it’s not a matter of appearance but a matter of your way of think. I mean if you don’t feel comfortable with your body it’s a problem of your mind and the influence of the society. Some people said that it’s not for the opinion of the other people, is only for feel good with their self, but if they are alone in this world and nobody can see them, would they make a plastic surgery?
In this dialogue we see both characters having an argument about the function of plastic surgery. From one hand Christian says that this function is to make people feel good. From the other hand Sean says that what they are doing is letting people externalize their hatred by changing their body.

I completely agree with Sean's vision. I think that people who changes their body with plastic surgery because they don't like their aspect the only thing they are doing is hiding the insecurities they have, thinking that they will vanish somehow. But the truth is that these insecurities are going to reappear, so these people will change again their body to hide them another time.

Anna Cotcho:

This dialogue comes out in the movie that we saw the other day in class. It was two different opinions about plastic surgery. First is Christian than he want do this work because he think than is helping people. But Sean has other opinion and he believes than people externalize the hatred they feel about themselves with plastic surgery.
I agree with Sean but also I think that each person can do what he wants with his body. if person believe that doing surgery will be happy, I don’t see the problem.

Marina Carrillo.

Days ago, in English class, we saw Nip / Tuck first chapter. So, in this dialogue extracted from this episode, we can see one of the problems suggested in the series: the view of the two doctors about plastic surgery.

After these two point of view, I agree with Sean because I also think that plastic surgery is a way to externalize the hatred that people feel about themselves. In my opinion, the world would be better if people accept themselves because for reach happiness we have to begging loving yourself first. When you have plastic surgery then you want more and you never have enough, so you will always find mistakes in your appearance. I also want to add that we are prettiest when we are naturals and sometimes when someone take plastic surgery their appearance become unnatural.


This dialogue between Sean and Christian show us the to faces of the beauty ideologies. Some persons work and win money by beauty and the complexes of the persons. Here we can se how Christian wants only do his work without thinking if is patients really need surgery or if that’s only a way of externalize the hatred of them.

In contrast, Sean shows the preoccupation of the intentions of his clients. Beauty isn’t something to play with, if you do it you’ll create a willing of being more beautiful till be perfect, but that’s something impossible. I think it’s a good idea of contract a psychologist because it will se something on the patient that the surgery doctor will no see, and like that the people who really needs an operation (because they had an accident and now they have a scar) can do it before someone that only need it to feel more beautiful.


In this conversation from the first episode of Nip & Tuck, we see a conversation between Sean and Christian where they debate the idea of hiring a psychologist. Sean wants to, but Christian doesn't. He says that the only thing that they're doing is to make people feel better about themselves, while Sean thinks that the only thing they're doing is extrenalizing the hatred that people feel about themselves.
From my point of view, I agree with Sean when he says that they should hire a psychologist, even tough I think that the best thing they could do would be to shut down their bussiness because plastic surgery (from my own perspective) is something bad, even evil, where they just make money about peolpe's insecurities. With that, they create a fake image of perfection that peolpe wants to follow, but since it's not real, they need plastic surgery, creating an eternal ouroboros.


This dialogue, part of the first episode of the American TV series Nip/Tuck, is an example of a dicotomy between happiness as a finality of plastic surgery and self-loathing as the only feeling involving the process. This radicates on the idea to hire a psychologist to counsel people willing to undergo surgery in order to identify whether or not it's appropiate.
In my opinion, the most notable aspect is how absurd Christian sees the idea: for him, the feelings of the patient seem to remain unimportant and, therefore, the idea of paying somebody (and losing economical capital) in order to take care of them is seen as unnecessary and avoidable.