Christian: What is it that we’re doing, Sean, other than make people feel good about themselves?

Sean: What we do is let people externalize the hatred they feel about themselves. Which is why I want to hire a full time psychologist to screen people better.

Christian: Oh great. And lets do yoga in the lobby, too.

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Albert Menéndez:
As we can see christian only thinks about getting more and more mooney, but sean has a diiferent point of view about their jobs, he wants to contrat a psychologist to avaluate people how want to have a plastic surgery. He wants that beaceuse he thinks that they could help people that really needs it, and not to waist heir time and qualities in people who only have whims and a lot of money. Of course, christian laughs at his friend's intentions and doesn't even thinks about contracting a psycologist.
Jordi Batlle:
As it is said in this short text, Sean was telling his partner Christian that his wife had demanded him a breast operation. Of course, Sean didn’t want her to have a plastic surgery operation as he knew she didn’t need any type of surgery. Nevertheless, Christian, who what something with Kimber, offered his help to operate Sean’s wife.
However, once he got at their home and was alone with Kimber, Christian asked her to show him her breasts to see if she needed an operation. It wasn’t until then when he realised she didn’t have to have a surgery, her breasts had the perfect symmetry.
According to what is said, as far as I’m concerned, people have to do whatever they think it’s okay. If they have the need of having an extra operation, of course they can do it. Nevertheless, I don’t think it would be a good idea, even if they have emotional lacks, as they aren’t mentally well. I mean, these people need a psychologist before than having a cosmetic surgery. We have to begin accepting our bodies. In fact we need to believe in ourselves.

This dialogue is between Christian and Sean about the main goal of plastic surgery. Christian says that this kind of medical intervention is about making people feel good about themselves. However, Sean thinks that their job makes people hate themselves. With this dialogue, we can say that Christian sees plastic surgery as any other job which he must earn money without caring about their clients’ mind health. On the other hand, Sean does keep in mind how plastic surgery can impact on people’s feelings, that’s the reason why he says that he wanted to hire a full time psychologist to screen people better. Christian answered Sean with irony saying that they should do yoga in the lobby, too. As a conclusion, we could say that Christian separates the economic goal of plastic surgery industry between what the clients might feel or might be going through. With the last sentence he says, he leaves clearly that their job doesn’t has to do with people’s feelings. However, Sean thinks that plastic surgery is the main cause why people hate themselves physically.

Lluc: Christian thinks that they help people, but he only thinks about getting money, not about people feelings.Sean says that they only help to externalize people's insecurities, and the two friends aren't agree with the goal of their job. One wants to get money and the other prefers to help people and don't say lies to his patients.


This dialogue reflects their disagreement regarding to the effect they cause to people by operating them. Christian thinks that they're just helping people, making them look like they want to, basically changing people's body so they can feel comfortable with themselves. But we all know that he is convinced of that, although he wants to be convinced because surgery is his source of income. Whereas his partner, Sean, thinks that they are externalizing the hatred of the people towards their imperfections. In addition, Sean wants to hire am psychologist so people would feel sure about the operations and if they're feeling okay. Finally, Christian says in a ironic way that they're not going to hire anyone, mainly because if they do that it may decrease their incomes.

Anna G:

Plastic surgery allows you to change the parts of your body that you don't feel comfortable about. It is good for people that have a low self-esteem because of a burnt or an accident that changed their aspect. In this case, plastic surgery has a good effect on people. But on the other hand, plastic surgery lets people change any part of their body that they don't feel comfortable about because they compare themselves with other stereotypes of bodies so they are constantly putting themselves under surgery just to try to look like someone they are not. In this case I am against this surgery because i think that people should accept the way they look.
That's why I agree with Sean's opinion and I think that they should hire a full time psychologist to screen people better. This way they could avoid making people hate their own body by letting them constantly changing the parts of their body they don't like.


In this dialogue it is clearly seen that the two companions have opposite thoughts, Christian believes that they should hire a psychologist because according to him people decide to become aesthetic operations not by themselves and for a matter of comfort but because of what other people will say about them and by aesthetic and insecurity. Sean believes that they do not need a psychologist because in this way they will lose clients and money. I agree with Sean because I believe that everyone can do what they want with their body and if they are not sure with their body, they can change them by doing surgery.

In this dialogue there's two different opinions who express each friend. In the first way, Christian thinks that they are making feel better people who they opper beacause they can be comfortable with themself. Deep down, Christian thinks only in his money and how much they can earn, so he hasn't interest in people feelings, only in hi money. In the other way there is Sean's opinion, he thinks that the people who go with their want externalize their insecurities. So, what Sean want, is help people to be better about themself and know what's the problem. The final answer of Christian is a sign of frigidity and confirm that Christian thinks about earn money and no more because this is his challenge.


In this topic we can see that both of the doctors are disagree with what they are doing, but they do it without care of what are they actually doing. Well, the point is that the plastic surgery is no more than a commercial thing. Even if people are not agree, they do because it is their job and they win a lot of money. So they are just looking for a way to feel better with their acts, because they will do it anyway.


This dialogue shows the different point of view of the surgeons. Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body.
With the application of science and technology in medicine, people, especially youngsters, are becoming more aware of cosmetic surgery. A smaller nose, larger breasts, etc. Many of us have looked in the mirror and wondered if perfecting our appearance would make life a little more perfect.
We would be lying if we said that we had never followed a crazy diet or that we have never used an expensive cream to improve some part of our face, but for some, it is an obsession that extends much further: to plastic surgery.

But what you may not realize is the price of perfection goes deeper than your pockets and like Christian reflects in this dialogue, the economic benefit of the business is better for some companies than the health of their patien and he want to be convince that "they are just helping people externalize the hatred they feel about themselves and make them feel comfortable with their body" because of this depends his benefit. The surergy is his job but he handles it in a bad way.
Contrary to that his brother Sean, thinks about the health of their patient and wants to hire an specialize to know if they are truly ready to do the operation. I agree with the way to work of Sean because he is more conscious and prudent.
I think that medical surgery is important if we need to exchange vital organs for example and it is not bad if we feel bad with a small part of our body and modify it but I think it is a great business that benefits from other insecurities.

Pau A. :
In this brief dialogue, we can see how Christian is very little concerned about anything else than money and he tries to justify his actions using people's insecurities as an argument. For that, he says that their job isn't anything else than helping people, making them happier than they were before and that that is just something really good. On the other hand, Sean-with all due respect- is completely right saying that their job isn't to make people happy with a simple and nice job, rather than showing up their insecurities and the hatred that these insecurities imply, using that as a business. He feels really bad for manipulating people so much that he says that they would need a psychologist, with the goal of screening people better and doing a more ethical job. Christian, who is a really cold person, makes fun of that and says that they would need even yoga classes to screen people even better.

Pau B: At that point of the story, Sean realized that all they were doing was making people feel better about themselves. Sean thought that this could be also achieved by talking to a psychologist, who could solve the problems from somebody's life. A lot of people they were attending didn't have a real problem with their body. Sean realized it when he saw a young child who had a real problem, ha had his skin burned off, he desperately needed a plastic surgery but he could not give it to him due to the long waiting list of people without problems. So his intentions are to contract a full-time psychologist who could work with his patients.

On the other hand, Christian doesn't want that to happen, presumably because the number of surgeries would definitely go down, which meant that their money income would go down.

In my opinion, Sean is right, but in the capitalist world, the main objective is to do as much money as you can, the major part of businesses do so.

Sean makes this reflection after denying doing a plastic surgery to a boy who really needed it because of the burnings he have on his skin. He had to deny the surgery because they had all the surgical rooms full of unnecessary plastic surgeries. Sean began to think that they were doing immoral things just for earning money and realizes that the most surgeries they were doing could be avoided with more self-esteem and an appropriate psychologist.