Christian: What is it that we’re doing, Sean, other than make people feel good about themselves?

Sean: What we do is let people externalize the hatred they feel about themselves. Which is why I want to hire a full time psychologist to screen people better.

Christian: Oh great. And lets do yoga in the lobby, too.

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This dialogue reflects their disagreement regarding to the effect they cause to people by operating them. Christian thinks that they're just helping people, making them look like they want to, basically changing people's body so they can feel comfortable with themselves. But we all know that he is convinced of that, although he wants to be convinced because surgery is his source of income. Whereas his partner, Sean, thinks that they are externalizing the hatred of the people towards their imperfections. In addition, Sean wants to hire am psychologist so people would feel sure about the operations and if they're feeling okay. Finally, Christian says in a ironic way that they're not going to hire anyone, mainly because if they do that it may decrease their incomes.