Sean: Check out this bombshell. We’re getting ready this morning, and Julia tells me she wants her breasts done.
Christian: If you’re thinking conflict of interest, I’d like to volunteer my services.
Sean: Still have a crush on the missus, do we?
Christian: Let the records show that I dated her first and passed off my sloppy seconds to you----

Kimber: I don't want to be pretty. I want to be better. I want to be perfect----

Christian: Symmetry is perfect..I can't recommend surgery, Julia. Your breasts are perfect.

Kimber: I don't want to be pretty. I want to be better. I want to be perfect----

Maria Baguer

Almost everybody it’s obsess with beauty, and according to the sentence, beauty it’s symmetry and perfection.

And the most permanent way to change our appearance is with surgery. I’m in favor of surgery if it’s for improve our health, but not for have a better looking. Because can be a reason of death caused for the anaesthetic or infection.
Plus, I think surgery is the main reason why so many women have a low self-esteem, because they think their appearance could be better being operated, causing an unhappy feeling for their body.

Anna G.

This is a dialogue of a scene of the Nip Tuck series where Sean in telling his coworker Christian that his woman wanted her breasts done by plastic surgery because she felt that she was not perfect enough, but then Christian told her that he didn't recommend her surgery because the symmetry of his breast was perfect.
I think that surgery shouldn't be applied to people who just wants to look better because that's the reason why people have low sef-esteem. Every person should accept their bodies because there's not a perfect breast, nor a perfect nose, face, lips... Everybody is perfect in each way and we should accept all kinds of beauty.


Acording to the sentence the beauty is symmetry and it’s perfect.
I think that nothing is perfect or can be perfect. Obviously, if you want to improve your physique you can do esthetic operations but better not be overweight, then instead of fixing you, leave you bad.
You will not be neither prettier not more perfect you operate, you can be better physically, have better symmetry and improve things in your body but never get to perfection.


The first chapter of Nip Tuck shows two situations. The first one is the wish of Kimber is just be perfect. But we know there are anybody perfect. Because the defect makes we humans and different between other people. The second one is Julia. She has problems his husband and she wants her breast bigger. All those women have problems withe their body and want change. But that things aren't necessary, because in my opinion that cases the aesthetic surgery is not an option. I think there are more people who really need that and they can't pay.

Ana A.C
Two ideas are shown that for me are completely wrong
The first is the beauty itself, here is used the word symmetry as synonymous with perfect or beautiful. On many ocasions imperfections or stains on the skin that may seem to be not beautiful years later can be considered beautiful. An exemple would be freckles, nowadays there are many people who are tattoo because they are considered beautiful, when it was not before.
The next mistake is to consider plàstic surgery as a tool to improve something that is already right. Surgery should be used in certain cases, in which it is necessary for the health of the person and not a whim.

This first chapter of nip-tuck showtwo very important topics. The first one es the desire to have beauty and to be perfects. I think it show something that is imposible, I mean nobody is perfect, and say that kind of thing only make people feel bad with themselves and their body. I agree with plastic surgery if it's for a purpose like for a problem with skin or for burns, but I don't like this desire of people to operate to see themselves better. I believe that it creates standards of beauty that are not real, and that is why I am in total disagreement

Oriol: This is a dialogue or debate betwen a couple because the woman wants an operation to fix her breasts, the husband who is a surgeon tells him that he does not make any surgery because they are perfect. In my opinion if she wants to do a surgery in her breasts, I'm not going to prohibit her for it, but I would don't any kind of surgery because I think it's a waste of money.