Sean: Check out this bombshell. We’re getting ready this morning, and Julia tells me she wants her breasts done.
Christian: If you’re thinking conflict of interest, I’d like to volunteer my services.
Sean: Still have a crush on the missus, do we?
Christian: Let the records show that I dated her first and passed off my sloppy seconds to you----

Kimber: I don't want to be pretty. I want to be better. I want to be perfect----

Christian: Symmetry is perfect..I can't recommend surgery, Julia. Your breasts are perfect.

Kimber: I don't want to be pretty. I want to be better. I want to be perfect----

Maria Baguer

Almost everybody it’s obsess with beauty, and according to the sentence, beauty it’s symmetry and perfection.

And the most permanent way to change our appearance is with surgery. I’m in favor of surgery if it’s for improve our health, but not for have a better looking. Because can be a reason of death caused for the anaesthetic or infection.
Plus, I think surgery is the main reason why so many women have a low self-esteem, because they think their appearance could be better being operated, causing an unhappy feeling for their body.

Guillem Palomeras

Many people would like them to be even more perfect than they are. But it shouldn’t always be like that.

This conversation reflects the desire of Kimber to become the most perfect. In this case Christian denied her desire, because he says she has spectacular sizes and she doesn’t need a surgery.

I think surgery it has to exist, because many people really need to modify any part of his body that has been destroyed due to an accident, but many people use to modify part of his body that already have in good conditions, this isn’t good because many people leave with multiple deformities and eventually may have negative effects such us it paralyzes the lip can’t speak well.

This dialogue shows us what is happening today with the girls.
In this case the Christian recommends that Sean does not make any operation because her breasts are perfect, however she wants more.
When you want more, you can have more mental problems that make you feel bad about yourself, when the secret is to love yourself.
In addition surgery is not cheap and you can will ruin only for the appearance.
This happens nowadays because we are used to watching TV, magazines, the social network and many of the people who appear are thin.
My conclusion is greed breaks the sack and cares what you have.

Judith Carpio
Personally, I want to treat some points that I found outstanding. First of all, we can see the conversation of Sean and Christian which shows the great value that they give to physical appearance of women, or at least for Christian and his will for gets the perfection in each one. On the other hand, Kimber and Christian put an emphasis on body perfection and symmetry. I believe perfection is impossible, we only get it with surgery, but people, especially women, needs to have a perfect appearance for be satisfied with themselves.
The idea of “perfect” was imposed by publicity, television, internet which establish a beauty spot. All of us have to strongly believe that the sincere perfection is in our soul.

Marina Carrillo.

With this sentences we can see how important beauty is in the series. But, currently, it happens the same in our society.

I totally disagree with plastic surgery for many reasons. One of these are because people know that their appearance can change with an operation, so they get obsessed with their appearance and their self-esteem decrease.

Apart from my opinion, I also want to say that we have to love ourselves above all, without thinking that there are operations to improve our appearance, because the self-esteem is so important for a lot of aspects in our life, but above everything for the most important reason and goal: be happy.