The plastic surgery patients

Who demands plastic surgery in chapter 1 nip/tuck? Comment on 1 character only so different people can contribute
What don't they like about themselves?
Which patient would be similar to Dorian Gray?
What are other possible patients looking for plastic surgery, do you think?

Ballu Touray:

Dorian Gray was a handsome man who at the start of the book didn’t care about getting old but after talking with Lord Henry he changes and gets in love with his beauty and his ugly soul. I think there are some characters in Nip/Tuck that have things in common with Dorian Gray.

The most similar character is the rapist who steal so much money and he was wasting it all on plastic surgeries. So he wants to remain young forever and one of his objectives is having pleasures with a lot of young girls. In addition, he is similar to Dorian because of his bad soul. He raped young girls and I think that’s one of te worst crimes and I don’t know how he could sleep at the night and I ask to myself why there are people like him. However, I wanna be a psycologist to talk with people like him and try to help them to regret for their acts.

Christian, of Nip/Tuck, is only similar of Dorian Gray for his soul. I think he is a man that don’t think for the consequences of his acts and he influence other people, like the model he met, into the hate of themselves by asking questions like “tell me what you hate about youself”.

The mate of Christian, is also similar with the end of Dorian Gray because at the end he regret for his acts and think that he wasn’t doing any good to the life of the others.

Mar Oliva:

One of the characters that demands plastic surgery in the first chapter of Nip/Tuck is Sean’s son, who wants a circumcision, in order to feel more confident with himself, because he thinks girls like it more this way.
There are several reasons of why the characters demand plastic surgery in this chapter. One of the reasons is because they don’t like something about themselves, for example Sean’s son, or Julia, who would like to have bigger breasts. Another is for more practical reasons, like the man who wants to change his face because he slept with his boss daughter, a little girl. He doesn’t want to get surgery to change something he doesn’t like, but for protecting himself.

I think the most similar patient to Dorian Gray would be the blond girl Christian sleeps with in the beginning. She is confident with herself, until Christian talks to her and shows her the things he could improve by operating her. Dorian Gray is also confident, until Lord Henry talks to him about youth and beauty, and he starts to worry about it. So, both characters become insecure because of somebody’s influence. Another thing they have in common is that both of them want to change their physical appearence (well, Dorian Gray actually doesn’t want to chanege it, but let it remain like this forever) in order to look young. They both crave for youth.

Another possible patient looking for plastic surgery, which also appears in the episode, although very briefly is a woman who asks for plastic surgery for his son. He had an accident which caused changes to his body which are striking, so that’s why she wants him to have surgery and to look as similar as possible as he looked before.