Have you seen the latest adaptation of the novel into a movie?

What are the differences between the Dorian Gray film and the novel?

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Ana A.C
The main differences between the film and the adaptation of the book I have read are four.
The first one I have encountered is the appearance of Sibyl's brother. In the book they are in a local and whoever threatens a gun to Dorian Gray is a woman, not Sibyl's brother.
The second is the appearance of a woman, this maintains a relationship with Dorian Gray. In the book does not appear.
The next is in relation to Dorian's friend, he in the book is killed by Dorian, while in the movie does not die.
Finally the biggest difference for me is the end of the movie where the canvas of Dorian cream his friend and Dorian just stabbing the canvas killing himself. In the book it shows how Dorian cannot carry his actions and wants to destroy the Picture.
I liked the book more than the movie because it shows in a better way the suffering of the characters.

Between the film and the book the differences are: the main characters are the same, but in the film appears a girl who is Doran’s girlfriend in the end of the story, also the final of this story is different, in the book Dorian kills himself stabbing the portrait, but in the film he dies burned. Also in the book Basil is murdered by Dorian when he discover that the portraits has changed, has grown up like if it was the real Dorian Gray, but in the film when he found this he scrapes and is who cause the fire.
I prefer the book because the final is so ironic, because Dorian wants to forget all bad things he do and the only form he can do that is killing the portrait, but when he does that he kills himself, the irony is when he wants to forget everything and he kills himself. In the film there is not this irony cause his dead is caused by a fire.