Dorian Gray, Nip Tuck , the book and the film. Your questions, observations, comments on THE OBSESSION TO BE FOREVER YOUNG. CHECK OUT THESE IDEAS. "Beauty is only skin deep" (Traditional proverb) "Truth is only skin deep" (Nip/Tuck motto) _
SERGI:This kind of obsession is just sick, I mean, being forever young is a dream it can't be real at all and a lot of people dodo plastic surgery but they always end worse than before do it. JUst look Dorian, who killed his lover and friend just to be forever young, at least he realized that he wasn't doing good things but it was too late. Nip Tuck talks about the same topic, people who pay a big quantity of meny just to pay a liposuction, plastic surgery,... just to be more beautiful, and I don't agree to do plastic surgey if it's not completely necessary. Also, Nip Tuck deal with the family of the plastic surgerier, and how because of his work and his illness of plastic surgery make the family shatter and loose the love that he had with his wife. In conclusion, I think that nowadays people look a lot the outside beauty and that's a mistake that we all must have in count. Sometimes, the beauty within a person can be the one that decides if you love that person or not.

Alexandra Navarra:
There is a traditional proverb which says that "Beauty is only skin deep”. I think that this is true because beauty is a superficial thing. There are people who wants to be prettier and they do plastic surgery. From my point of view, that is a crazy thing. I know some persons that had done plastic surgery and they look worst than before. Besides, there are some cirurgical operations that I see as a necessary thing. Some people have respiration problems and they have to change this. On the other hand, the TV show “Nip Tuck” explains this situation and talks about this topic. You can see many women and men who wants to be more beautiful. Unfortunately, they are a little bit obsessed with operations and wants to get more and more pretty. That is like an addiction.Mariana:I think the quote beauty is only one skin deep is partially true because we can talk about beauty and not necessarily mean external physical beauty. It is clear that physical beauty does not matter on the long run because it is not the most important thing. It is way more meaningful to be nice and kind and to do good things because beauty won’t take you anywhere, besides it is ephemeral if it is not shared with internal beauty.

For me beauty is a superficial thing. Saying that beauty is inside is not true. It is evident that there are different types of beauty, and that I can taste one thing that another person does not, but beauty is always something superficial, each one has a personal beauty and can be a very good person. But again I say that it is something superficial, beauty is the first thing a person sees of you.
Lluc: the idea of beeing youn forever is an obsession of this society. Life is a process, you born, you grow, you become old, and you die. Anyone can be young all of his life, but all of us we try to do it. A lot of people use creams to hide their wrinkles, but this is not a solution to be forever young. You are only hidding you face, but your age is not changing. There isn't a method to be immortal or to be young forever.

AnisaWhy there is an obsession with living forever? Today's culture is so obsessed with looking young, it's all about the look and the image, not about the experience and wisdom behind the eyes.
Aging is a stage that we all must live, such as childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It is always related to a bad stage but it's not. It is a stage in which you have more experience of life and in which you are retired and you have more time for you which is a positive point. It's true that you usually get sick and you do not have as much energy as when you were younger, but not for this reason you have to avoid this stage with creams and other expensive treatments.
It continues surprising me the fact that we are capable of submitting ourselves to any treatment, underestimating the consequences with the sole purpose of seeing ourselves younger and in this way being accepted by others.

"Nip Tuck” explains this situation and talks about this topic and at the end we see that everything is related to obtain profit. In Dorian's story he realized he was wrong at the end of the story when he killed all his relationships with friends and family by just looking at his physical appearance that really made him uglier inside.
There is no doubt that being young is fast, fun, and exciting. But there is a time and a season for all things. We must live life the fullest without carring about the age that we have or how we are looking because unfortunately there is not a magic drink that gives you the imortality so live every second of your life as if it were the last!

The search for beauty is something that in the current world many people pursue. From the 21st century until now, this concern to change the physical or improve it is evolving. My question is: Is it really necessary?

This is the case of Dorian's obsession to stay young always, that ended up badly "killing" the girl he wanted, his friend Basil and the people around him. He was influenced by the opinions of others, especially of Henry,instead of following his instinct.
It is a clear example of the: Appearances cheat since his physical appearance was opposite to his interior

In conclusion I disagree with the claim that beauty is only superficial. First, because the concept is very subjective because everyone has their perception of beauty and because there is a great variety of beauty ,as different tonalits between the color white and black .
Beauty is not only superficial, but also spiritual because a beautiful face will never equal the purity of a heart.

I think nobody would have to change a thing, if not, the world would have to change his heart


Today's culture is so obsessed with looking/acting young, it’s difficult to believe that our founding fathers powdered their wigs gray in order to appear older and wiser. From hair dyes to Botox to wrinkle creams to a plethora of surgical procedures, the race is on to remain forever young.

We are bombarded daily with images via magazines, billboards, television and the internet. It's all about the look and the image, not about the experience and wisdom behind the eyes. Virtually every public figure from politicians to actors to TV talking heads have had “work” done to their face or body. This mirrors our superficial culture, where anything important can be defined by 140 characters or less.

Francesc Aguer Bartra: That traditional proverb is true, in my opinion. Somebody can say that all of us the first thing we saw is the appearnce, and that person is saying something true, scientifically is proved. I think this is not somthing bad, but the mistake is to stop there, the beauty, the real beauty, is only inside us. Thats because it's hard to be with the same person during a lot of time, for example, somebody could be really good-looking or pretty, but be unbearabe, in this case the partner will end up hating him or her, independent of the physic. Oure generation are losing the traditional wisdom, like this saying, and that is a shame.

Pau B: Why are we all different? We could be exact and perfect copies of each other which would make every single one of us better at everything. For some reason, nature made all of us differently and by that everybody's likes and dislikes are different. Following this statement, beauty must be different for everybody too right? Yes, and it is. So beauty is relative.
It appears that by magic the entire conflict is solved, but why does it exist? In general women like men and men like women. The problem in here is that men don't like men, and women don't like women (in general) so we don't know exactly if and how to appeal the other sex. The solution to that is to check out what is the standard, what do the others say, and by that, the problem of standard beauty imitation exists.