Dorian Gray, Nip Tuck , the book and the film. Your questions, observations, comments on THE OBSESSION TO BE FOREVER YOUNG.

"Beauty is only skin deep" (Traditional proverb)
"Truth is only skin deep" (Nip/Tuck motto)

SERGI DSC:This kind of obsession is just sick, I mean, being forever young is a dream it can't be real at all and a lot of people dodo plastic surgery but they always end worse than before do it. JUst look Dorian, who killed his lover and friend just to be forever young, at least he realized that he wasn't doing good things but it was too late. Nip Tuck talks about the same topic, people who pay a big quantity of meny just to pay a liposuction, plastic surgery,... just to be more beautiful, and I don't agree to do plastic surgey if it's not completely necessary. Also, Nip Tuck deal with the family of the plastic surgerier, and how because of his work and his illness of plastic surgery make the family shatter and loose the love that he had with his wife. In conclusion, I think that nowadays people look a lot the outside beauty and that's a mistake that we all must have in count. Sometimes, the beauty within a person can be the one that decides if you love that person or not.
Darío Sánchez:
The desire of stay forever young is stupid. Not only by the fact that it's impossible and is a waste of time think in thing that can't happen. Let's forget that your skin will get old and really old, inside you your organs will still in use, and if i did remember it right, our heart is like a clock that kill us slowly, every time your heart beats kills you, so no, you can't life forever young. Unless you had regeneration or something similar, your mind will change, constantly, so if you will life forever, sometime you will discover that being forever young is stupid, and then you will comit suicide.

Heather Yépez:

The desperate attempt made by Humanity to hide the effects of time in itself might actually have a philosophical root: many theorists ensure that this is an image of our fear of death as something that comes with time in an unavoidable way; this, at its turn, makes it justifiable from a humanistic point of view. However, this has been exploited by some estates of our society (as, for example, the cosmetic industry) to make a great and sustainable yet ethically horrible business out of it, considering the choice of many people is being essentially biased through taking advantage of a probably inherent –conscious or not– fear people bear as a burden.
My personal opinion on this has two sides: on one hand, as a subjectivist, I’m morally forced to point out that beauty is an artificial concept the true referent of which depends completely on the watcher; on the other, I think the pass of time and its visual effects are actually a proof of the accumulation of knowledge and experience over time, and being proud of such a thing is for me a sign of self-ownage. However, I could never object to somebody taking the decision to change their appearance, as it’s primordial that everyone feels comfortable with their looks and not everyone must share the same views when it comes to the optimal visual appearance.

Xavi Bech:

This obsession about being forever young is obviously a waste of time because is an impossible dream and I could never be real. The picture of Dorian Gray and Nip Tuck are about this obsession of eternal youth and look forever good. It goes against the laws of nature and ageing because your body is always changing it never looks like a second ago or a second after. Inconciously we are growing up old, and it’s a matter of time that we’ll never be the same. That’s why we must accept our physical changes and our ages.

Campio Gameiro:

I think that our society is too affected by beauty and we are so obsessed with our bodies. We have to realize that what do we are beauty and young are our personality and our thinking. We have to realize that whe only have one life and we have to enjoy it because we are humans, one day we are going to die and then, after our death what people will remember is our goodness, our thinking and they wouldn't remember our beauty. For example in these 4 years in my family were die 4 people, all of them were old like 50, 80 years old and I now when I thinking about they I remember, for example, with my great-grandmother when we were doing sew up together. We have to forget this stupid obsesion with our body and start to be happy because a life is one.


As many of my classmates have said, this obsession of being forever young and pretty all your life is not realistic. First of all, because there’s a circle of life: we are born, we grow up, we reproduce, we grow older, and finally we die. So no plastic surgery will make you be young forever. But I don’t understand this obsession of being always young and not growing older. People think that we only can be beautiful when we are young, but we have to change our point of view. Beauty is in all ages.

Also, we all know there are more important things that just your physical appearance. What about you meet the prettiest girl in the world but you get to know her and… Hideous personality. I’m sure you will not fall in love with her… well, maybe just because of her physical appearance, but we all know that this is not enough.

So, in conclusion, we don’t have to worry that much about being forever young (because, mainly, that’s impossible). I think we just have to live our life and enjoying all life stages.

Àlex Cifuentes:

There are two interesting sentences, both acceptable.

According to the first sentence, I’m totally agree about that because I personally think that beauty is only skin deep and we don’t have to judge anybody by the appearance.

On the other hand I’m also agree with the second sentence because the majority of us judge people by the appearance, even if we try not to do it, unconsciously we think different about a good looking person comparing to a homeless for example, and maybe the first is a murder and the second one is a very good person.

So all we know that’s bad, howeve we still doing it because of the stereotypes that society put in our minds.


The book and the film have the same obsession: be forever young and pretty.

I am totally sure we meet some friends or family have fear for growing up.

This idea is not cut off from us because of telecommunication. Both

advertising and the mass media have manipulated during the last decades

the stereotype of beauty and youth.


I think that the people that only think in his appearances or want to be forever young or something similar are stupid and have a really big problem of personality and self-confidence. Normally the persons who think constantly in his appearance and the opinion of another people, usually gain something only for her physical appearance, like popularity. The problem happens when they are obsessed in his look and set aside studies or things that they can use in their professional future. When they are completely focused in themselves and start to think that "one day I will become old", in this moment , it turns up the wish to be forever young. They will waste time to try to seem more beautiful and young instead to find a stable job and they will probably commit suicide.

Ballu Touray:

I strongly believe that the statement “beauty is only skin deep” is not true.

First of all I wanna say that we are all beauties, even if we have defaults we are beauty, and our work is learn to love them and live with them.

On one hand, I think that the beauty that matter is the one we have in the soul. Because, as I said in the exam of the book, we don’t love our mom because of his beauty and in the same way we should don’t love the people because their outside, even if sometimes we get caught for the beauty of someone, after some time, we look for other things. Furthermore, by trying to look good and forgetting the soul,, we will have as a result: LOOKING good instead of FEELING good, and that’s the worst fail.

On the other hand I think in the business of fashion beauty is only skin deep and the more beauty you’re, more works you’ll have. However, there are now models with defaults that are very popular and I believe it is because they have learned to love them and their security run throught the pictures and it reach us.

To sump up, learn to love your defaults because we’re all beauties and, actually, the truth beauty is in the soul.

Anna Cotcho
Many people have an obsession to be young at all times. Because it is the stage of life that you are more beautiful. But people would have to think differently. Because although we want to always be young is impossible to get it. We wouldn't have to obsess and we enjoy more of the present.
I do not agree with this sentence "Beauty is only skin deep"
Beauty is only a complement of a person. When you meet a person, the first thing you see is the physical, but after the thing you appreciate of this person, is the behavior, the inside. And this beauty is the most important of superficial beauty.

Marcelino Florpma

The desire to be forever young is for people the, either can’t accept change and, in consequence, the future or the people that life from the memories. Because if you can’t accept the future and changes incoming in your life it’s because you are afraid, so you want something like to be forever young because it represents the idea of constancy and immutability.

And what’s wrong with growing up and becoming old? It has its own beauty, doesn’t it? In my opinion, every stage of life it’s good on its own, and we have to focus on enjoying every one of them instead on being stuck.

Mariona Isern

“Beauty is only skin deep”

Skinnier, prettier, healthier, sexier … All this only to reach the ideal of beauty, to be able to have the body of all the models that we see on the mass media, despite knowing that this is not their really appearance.

Physical beauty is superficial, a person’s character is more important than how they look. The most beautiful people can be rude, and be arrogant. In the same way, the ugliest people can be nice and lovely. This doesn’t mean that beautiful people are rude and ugly people are nice, but the outside does not say anything of the inside of somebody. So yes, beauty is only skin deep. Moreover, I think that sometimes the prettiest people do the ugliest things. I guess this is because absolute power corrupts absolutely, and pretty people are automatically powerful. Beauty gives people power over others.

What I’ve learned among my years of adolescence is that there are all different kinds of beautiful and its okay if you don’t look like the perfect model. I think it’s time for society to stop obsessing over looks and realize that personality is much more important. After all, beauty is only skin deep.


The beauty is a mirage that more people are obsess, but in my opinion the people must have to take account that the beauty of truth is the contents of each person inside. The worst of all, is the people who operate their own physique, putting at risk their life. I believe that is to like other people and to be able presume of having all the aspects of the body on the right site. The problem is that they don't think in the consequences, and when they stop being young, the body experiences a terrible fall, and nothing is the same again in this person. I recommend that a person has love himself, either way, it's better not to carry out none of this damn operations, since that it carry side effects.

First of all, for me this two sentences try to say the same thing, beauty is not everything, beauty is only superficial. Sometimes society gives too much importance on how they look or how they have to be. It is very difficult to change the mentality of everyone and make them see what the real thing is, but the talking about it, makes an effect on our minds that helps thinking you about it.

In my point of view, it's hard when you see what some people do to be something they are not by operating their face or things like that. This topic is so discussed because of the bad effect that makes beauty on the society and it is very important to raise awareness about the danger of beauty.

"Beauty is only skin deep"

It’s obvious, because almost everyone says it: ones because they really feel like that, and the other ones because they feel they must say that to match with society opinion.
But what I really feel about it is that what defines a person is not his physique part (although I usually give importance to the physique) but the personality one. I think you can’t choose a person just for his appearance, I think that meet someone is to go one step further and see what makes him or her different.

This little difference, for me, is called beauty and everyone of us has something hidden deeply, something that in every case is appreciated by distinct people. Maybe because of it, we can consider that beauty is relative. Each one of us feels attracted by different people and it could be because we are capable to see this outstanding thing that remains inside each one of us.
So, in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different, as Coco Chanel would say.


I don't understand people's obsession with external beauty. It is only skin deep because at the end of the day we will all day and we'll become nothing more than dust and bones. We'll probably get eaten by maggots, so, what's the point? From my point of view, spending a life-time suffering and being so concerned about our own beauty, spending tons of money on make-up and antiaging products and caring so much about every little thing that may be wrong with our physical appearance, just to be eaten by worms a few years later, it's kind of stupid. Worms don't care. They eat everything. And if they eat everything, it means that everything is fine the way that it is.

In the Nip Truck’s first chapter there is the story of two brothers, one of them escape of his boss, he have had sexual relations with the boss daughter, a little girl. We want to an other person. The paedophile’s brother wants his brother surergy to start a new life, but the padereast only wants to be most pretty to attract more little girls. So the asthetic surergy don’t change the patient soul. So the truth it isn’t in the skin you have to know who some really is to talk about him.

Julie De La Calle Cheuzeville

I think the industries make us worry so much about our appearance and some people want to be forever young to preserve the beauty of the youth, but become older is an human process and this goes hand-to-hand with the decrease of the beauty, and we have to accept that we are becoming older but also we have to accept that in our skin there are appearing wrinkles, and other types of aging marks. Also, I believe that we have to start to overlook our beauty, and live our life as if every day is the last day we are here to profit the youthfulness.