Dorian Gray, Nip Tuck , the book and the film. Your questions, observations, comments on THE OBSESSION TO BE FOREVER YOUNG.

"Beauty is only skin deep" (Traditional proverb)
"Truth is only skin deep" (Nip/Tuck motto)

SERGI:This kind of obsession is just sick, I mean, being forever young is a dream it can't be real at all and a lot of people dodo plastic surgery but they always end worse than before do it. JUst look Dorian, who killed his lover and friend just to be forever young, at least he realized that he wasn't doing good things but it was too late. Nip Tuck talks about the same topic, people who pay a big quantity of meny just to pay a liposuction, plastic surgery,... just to be more beautiful, and I don't agree to do plastic surgey if it's not completely necessary. Also, Nip Tuck deal with the family of the plastic surgerier, and how because of his work and his illness of plastic surgery make the family shatter and loose the love that he had with his wife. In conclusion, I think that nowadays people look a lot the outside beauty and that's a mistake that we all must have in count. Sometimes, the beauty within a person can be the one that decides if you love that person or not.