The Beauty Industry: Cosmetics for women and men. Where is the limit?

As we can see in this video, we have been growing up besides all types of beauty commercials, cosmetic advertisements, images of beauty stereotypes, … which have been affecting people’s self-esteem. The main goal of this commercials is to sell products and earn money, as any other industry. To make it, they get to use influencers or people who are followed by a lot of audience. One day, when we were on a school day trip in Barcelona (a big city with big ads), a friend of mine and I saw a big billboard where a famous youtuber appeared advertising Tezenis’ underwear. This is an example of using an influencer to get attention from her audience and others. The thing is that beauty has become a new industry where can have an enormous number of incomes. So, even if the people who work on it are aware of the bad impact that business can have of people’s mindset, they work like if it was any other job. Finally, I would like to say that sometimes we just put ourselves under those beauty campaigns, meaning that following models and beauty icons through social media is just a way to be influenced.

We are living in the visual time and images are the ones who talk about everything. We are surrounded by advertisments, videoclips, photos on instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.
If we pay attention to tv ads, we can see that most of them are about cosmetics, which are showed up with young and skinny people. They show us how fantastic the product is, that the effects are incredible but, have you ever thought that they are just models? They are just payed to be in the advertisments, not to try the benefits of the cosmetic or the damages in some cases.
Sometimes watching that commercials you feel like: "Oh this must be nice!" "This is going to be incredible for my skyn or my body!" "this is going to be the perfect fundation to complet my make up" or maybe "If Kendall Jenner uses that, it will work with me!".
I think we are completly wrong. We are so obsessed to look like the celebrities or models that we forget about ourselves. Personally I believe that you have to look for the cosmetics that are good for you, not for anyone else.
I'm sick and tired about looking for the perfect fundation because sometimes they dont allow my skyn to breath or something I am not a body milk or a face moinsture person, I bare wear products on skyn. I just wear deodorant which is the same as always sice I was a child and my Valentina perfume. Now that I am young I like to enjoy the skyn that I have untill wreankles show up and say: Hello baby, we are here and we won't stop growing up!

We are living in a time where we are constantly watching tv advertisements and most of them are about beauty cosmetics, cosmetics for the skin to prevent and treat wrinkles etc. When you see the commercials you think “wow this really works “but in the reality they don’t work. The industry makes us think that beauty is the most important and that we must use the products to try to be perfect. We are obsessed to try to be perfect and to look like models instead of think about ourselves.


In my opinion, this industry has no limit. At this rate we can do anything in our body.

I love this idea, get rid of all your complexes and feel good about yourself is the best. Each one is responsible for how far he wants to go, but still having the possibility of doing more and more is incredible.

And I do not understand why people think it's a bad thing, everyone is aware of what they want and can do, so nobody should be judged for it.


I think that, in the majority of the works where you need to be with regard to the public, the industries promote and makes us to believe that the image that we give to others is the most important.It’s for that reason that the people uses cosmetics: that helps us to make young and, connected to youth, to be beautiful. The cosmetics helps us to send an unreal image about us. In my opinion, this industry has no limits, because if the consumers ask for more and more, the producers will answer with more, too.
Ana A.C

The límit of cosmètics is where you want to put them. The beauty industry creates products for all kinds of people and for múltiple cases, this is not say that we should all consume the products.
If you are not in favor of cosmètics just don't consummate them, but maybe other people should see them as necessary.
For me everything in excess is bad, in this case too. It all depends on how you approach it, maybe what for me is an excess for another person it is not.

Aleix F. : I am the first man who comments this post and probably for that reason there will be an important difference of opinions. That will happens because men don't use cosmetics like woman, so my opinion it's from other point of view. I think that all the cosmetics and other products that people use to seem younger or prettier it's only for hide himself. I'm not against them, everybody can throw money for their way, but that it's like wear a mask, that doesn't let people see your really face. Every case is different, of course I know that a lot of people will disagree with me, but that my opinion.
In the title say cosmetics for women and men. But in all the video I can see any cosmetic for men. We saw in class a video about the women's ideal body types. But we didn't see any video about the ideal body type for men. In conclusion, the women always have to be perfect, but for me the most important thing is feel good with your body. That is because the ideal body changes quickly. I think the most important think is be yourself and no be so hard with you if the ideal body isn't like you. One example, now bring glasses is fashion but few years a got it isn't.
Francesc Aguer Bartra:The beauty is something relative, because this topic had changed a lot during the history. I think all of us have the limit, we can't say where is the limit to another person. Every person have the right to decide about how she or he looks physically. The big problem in oure society realted with beauty is that we are controled by this industry, and it should we upside dowen. Women are in a worst situation than man, because moda, fashion and beauty industry makes an ideal body that they should follow (because of societal pressure). Of course this is not true. Men have they ideal body too, but the interval of beauty is bigger. Oure society will evolve when we value other kind of facet of humans. Finally I want to say that we have to apprecate ourselves, all the people have something special.