The Beauty Industry: Cosmetics for women and men. Where is the limit?

We are living in the visual time and images are the ones who talk about everything. We are surrounded by advertisments, videoclips, photos on instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.
If we pay attention to tv ads, we can see that most of them are about cosmetics, which are showed up with young and skinny people. They show us how fantastic the product is, that the effects are incredible but, have you ever thought that they are just models? They are just payed to be in the advertisments, not to try the benefits of the cosmetic or the damages in some cases.
Sometimes watching that commercials you feel like: "Oh this must be nice!" "This is going to be incredible for my skyn or my body!" "this is going to be the perfect fundation to complet my make up" or maybe "If Kendall Jenner uses that, it will work with me!".
I think we are completly wrong. We are so obsessed to look like the celebrities or models that we forget about ourselves. Personally I believe that you have to look for the cosmetics that are good for you, not for anyone else.
I'm sick and tired about looking for the perfect fundation because sometimes they dont allow my skyn to breath or something I am not a body milk or a face moinsture person, I bare wear products on skyn. I just wear deodorant which is the same as always sice I was a child and my Valentina perfume. Now that I am young I like to enjoy the skyn that I have untill wreankles show up and say: Hello baby, we are here and we won't stop growing up!


First of all I agree about the principal idea of the advertisement.

I think the society tries to convince people about stupid beauty ideals. They teach us to care about appearance in an obsessing way and to always want the better and the perfect body. It’s true that people like to feel comfortable with themselves but that’s all, people shouldn’t be adoring and wishing to be like some people that society denominated as perfect.

That’s the reason why I like the video, because is a criticism of this beauty ideals. Finally I would say that in my opinion society should be more conscious of that, and do something to change it.

I totally agree with the advertisement’s objective.

Beauty makes so much pressure on women. All the advertisements show tall, thin, tanned and beautiful women who make us want to be as pretty as them. And the worst of all is that society tells us we have to be like them to success in life. It kind of orders us to pay to plastic surgery for changing who we are, for changing our identity. What society should teach us is to love ourselves the way we are, not to hate our defects and change them.

Xavi Bech:

Beauty ideals have changed through time. It have really changed since we were primitive humans beings, such as Homo sapiens or Homo neanderthalensis. In those time, the most beautiful women were those who had a wide waist, nevertheless now the most beautiful women are those who have the slimmest waist, interesting change of preferences, isn’t it?I think that this change of preference is product of the aesthetic business. In the case of men, just in my case, I don’t think that we are so influenced by aesthetic advertisements, but we have a natural impulse of having a good muscultare to show.

MERITXELL JULIÀ:In this video, we can see how the beauty influence child’s and girls mainly. Television and the streets are full of the ideal beauty; it seems like a type of contamination. Little girls will grow up with this “contamination”, and that’s terrible. There is only “beautiful” girls in these advertisements, but who says that these girls are beautiful? Who chooses which women are beautiful or not? These little girls will grow up in a fake society, nobody can choose the ideal beauty. But they do. So, what can we can do? As this video says, we need to talk with children before they are contaminated with these stupid advertisements.


To start with, this video shows us the power of media and advertisements showing a specific ideal of beauty.

In my opinion the big problem is the media and the people who are trying to influence us consciously. As we know each person has something different, something special. I think we have to start loving ourselves and the beauty nature has given us. Of course I think cosmetics are good if you use them to remark just a little bit your beauty but if they really change your appearance it’s like hiding what you really are and in that case they are bad.

In addition I totally agree with the final idea that appears in the video: the only solution is educating children in terms of self esteem and personal acceptation.

Finally I would like to say that when I was seeing the video I realised how bad is our society, people are being treated like machines; a lots of plastic surgery, makeup, diets...I think women and men are paying a big price for what they call beauty.

Campio Gameiro:

In my opinion this video show that in our society the beauty of women are so much imiportant that the beauty of man because always the women are in the streats pose in a photo but they are in underwear. When you see that you involuntarily are introducing in yourself this concept of beauty this concept of the women is an object because she onle have to exhibit her body to feels good. That's stupid because all people would have to feels good with theirself but the industry are control the society and we follow the rules that they put on the society. If we stop that rules for example that one girl isn't beauty if she isn't slim or if a boy isn't beauty if he isn't muscular, etc. we have to stop this. We have to teach in our generation and the next generation that the beauty it founds inside of the people not in his image.


Nowadays there are plenty of beauty products from different brands, for all types of skin, hair, body… Are they trying to help us to feel better about ourselves? Or are they just trying to convince us that we are not perfect enough, so we feel forced to buy those products and they make loads of money? They are companies, most of them powerful companies whose main objective is to make money, money and more money. They are trying to feel you insecure about your body so you will buy their products.

But what is the main problem? That we believe it! I’m sure a great part of the world’s population know that beauty industry is trying to manipulate us. So, why we still buying them? Because even though most of us are conscious of it, we still want to feel pretty. And there’s nothing wrong with it! The problem appears when it becomes and obsession.

Also, there is another problem: that everyone does it. For example, in the case of women, most of us make up almost everyday; some women more than the other ones, but it’s a normal thing. But once I saw a video of a woman who decided to go to a formal event without makeup. She explains that everyone was looking at her in a strange way. That is an example of how beauty industry manipulates us: if you don’t look pretty, if you are a woman and you don’t wear makeup, or if you don’t shave… you are weird. We are in the XXI century, please, let’s break with all those beauty canons.

Àlex Cifuentes:
Nowadays we live surrounded by publicity, it’s a part of our life. Maybe we think it’s not as important as it is but that’s because we are always seeing advertisements and we don’t think about it, but unconsciously it affects us.
In this video we can see how society establish beauty stereotypes to convince people that they have to be like the models that appears in the advertisements. People buy the products that publicity shows and then they feel more comfortable but that products are always changing and people needs to be always buying (depending on the money that you have).
But honestly I think it’s not a problem because everybody win, we feel more comfortable and they earn more money, the problems come when somebody have not money to buy specific clothes or products. I know we are treated like puppets but we have nothing to do except accepting that.

Guillem Segura
Nowadays in our society, we take care of our image in every moment, not everybody but the most of people does it.
With new tecnologies, we can met new people more easyly that in the past using social network. In social networks, the first thing that you see of people are his pictures. People take care for their image because they want to please the ones that visit their profile.
On the another hand there are a lot of comercial advertisement what uses famous people becouse they know that people want to look like them. So they show cosmetic products used by famous people. In this comercial advertisement the products work so good. That makes you think that it also will work with you.
In my opinion we are a superficial society becouse we’re all day worry about our image.

It’s really disappointed but nowadays that happens. Maybe that kind of advertisements doesn’t influence you directly but it can do it by your unconscious. I mean, when you see a “perfect body” on TV you don’t feel insecure and influenced by it, but if you could change anything of your body, the results of your changes will seems that kind of “ perfect body”.
For that reason, I agree with this video, you have to teach to your children that beauty is different for everyone. No one has the same liking, so no one has to seem someone. Diversity makes the human being great. Because anybody can be you, and that makes you unique. Don’t let that the other people takes you that power.

Chaymae salamaFirstly I am agree about this video because i think that society today the only one that teaches you is to be physically perfect, have a good body and be beautiful.
But i think that All people have beauty and beautiful aspects both inside and outside, because i believe that The Beauty does not come from society, beauty is to feel good about ourselves and to be secure about yourself and not be manipulated by someone.
All in all I believe that The natural beauty is very important and we should ignore what society says.


Nowadays, we are living in a world moved by the influence that big industries give to us. People don’t have an own opinion about nothing, they allow themselves to be influenced by who has the power in this world, either on political, beauty, or moral aspects. Focus on the beauty, I think that at some point it would be dangerous. We are surrounded by advertisements, video clips, photos on Instagram, Facebook... and we only have to see anyone of these, to realize that all we can see are young and skinny people. Moreover, this models show to us a perfect skin, and a beautiful hair. So, what can this lead us to? Personally, I think that this will bring us to an insecure and discontent society, which will put the beauty at the top of their objectives in life.

In this video is reflected very well the society of today and that's disturbing and distressing. So, in this short video there are a lot of things that I want to comment.

First of all, I completely agree with the message of the video because I think that in this society is so important that our parents taught us a good principles since we are child. It is important because, currently, the society where we live are very corrupt and it can corrupt our mind.

I also want to explain why this society is like that. In my view, all the diseases and injustices of the society are due to the same thing: money. A lot of people that have an important role on society or influence on people sometimes are guided by money because they never get enough. So, they don’t know how much damage they are doing. Nowadays, we can see this in corruption. But, when I say that, I mean the advertising that is made of fashion and the models that teach, who are so thin and flawless. That is to say the beauty canon, which is creating many health problems to the young people, like eating disorders.

So, I want to say that beauty canon is an absurdity thing because all of us are different and we have our own appearance, which is unique and beauty. I think that be different and imperfect is better than be like everyone and live worried about our appearance, in the end what really matters is the personality.

Julie De La Calle Cheuzeville

Nowadays, the beauty pressure is typical also in the childhood, because they spend their time seeing unconsciously advertisements of the beauty canons wherever they go, the kids are so influenciable that they want to take after the people they saw in the television, internet, etc., and that produces problems such as the eating disorders which are caused for the beauty and society pressure.