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What is behind the cosmetics both men and women use?
What do you know about it?
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In my opinion this is doesn't affect me because when i'm going to die this cosmetics and things don't affect me, but i disslike the thing that people only buy for influencies, I hope that the people have to find a own style, and don't buy the things that the publicity talks to, because a lot of good things that the cosmetics things give to us are the same in diferent types of products.

Maria Baguer
Currently, cosmetics are full of toxins, and these can be carcinogenic. Each product contain 20% of chemical substances, that body absorbs are absorb by the body.
The pollution it’s bigger in women than men because women use more products.
In my point of view, and as video said, the big industries are the reason of all of this, because the absence of laws causue that these companies take advantage of this. Consequently they can cheap the products earning more money.

Natalia Palma Guerrero

Now, cosmetics are very used by men, but even more by women, since they always have been the ones that have been made up, well combed, and shiny, very beautiful! Well, as the video says, the industries make more and more products that can make us have more beautiful skin, hair as we want, hide the marks of age, etc ... but all these products have many chemicals that are carcinogenic. But to these companies the only thing that interests them is to make money, and money, and more money. So I think it's better living more years with your imperfections that you would like someone, not try to be someone who is not you using those products and die before. If we continue for this way, our children, their children and their children, will live in a polluted world where they can not breathe until the Earth says STOP! And some misfortune happens.

Julie De La Calle Cheuzeville

Currently most of the women use make-up, and miraculous cosmetic products, and everytime is most common see men using this type of things, also I have to say that in the K-Pop industry men use make-up as a normal complement, well this type of stuff are full of toxic substances that at the end make our skin look worst without them, but the beauty industry isn't worried about the people's healthy because the only interest they have is make money.